Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Relaxing Massage

MWNN and I had our Anniversary massage on Monday afternoon. I'd booked it on the 2-for-1 Valentine's Day offer at the Health and Fitness Club.

Mine certainly eased my back a little which I'd somehow managed to 'put out' while asleep on Saturday night. MWNN said he'd like a regular massage if that's what was on offer, until I pointed out that a 30 minute massage would normally cost twice what it was on the Valentine offer.

My back ached throughout my swim on Tuesday morning but had definitely eased enough to go to singing group in the evening. Muched-reduced numbers did not spoil my enjoyment of learning the bass part to Wild Mountain Thyme. Our newest, youngest member of the bass section, Darren (guitarist in a 'rock band' coming along to learn how to sing harmony) was blown away as the sopranos and altos rehersed their parts together for the first time. His 'WoW' just about summed up my reaction to the wonderful sound made by just six people.