Monday, 29 March 2010

move your bloomin' arse

An online friend sent me a link to this fabulous 'Derby Day' hat. It reminded me that I have my own 'Lady Day at the Races' hat that I bought in hopes of attending Newmarket Races 'Ladies' Day' in early July.

Unfortunately, I'll probably still be in France until the end of July so will miss the chance to dress up and have fun.

 My Red Hat Chapter is 'My Fair Ladies', named in honour of Eliza Doolittle. Who can forget the scene in My Fair Lady where she is carried away by the excitement of the races? There she is in her finery, her wonderful gown and hat, looking every inch a lady. She makes a good impression with her stilted, but genteel manners, only to shock everyone by a sudden and vulgar lapse into Cockney while encouraging a horse to win a race: "C'mon Dover, move your bloomin' arse!"

I am fairly sure that no member of My Fair Ladies will suffer such a lapse of decorum.