Monday, 22 March 2010

Knitting Day last Friday was magical. I learned how to turn a heel on a sock and we've organised a study day for the weekend before I go to the boat. But before all that, the session started with a present from one of the members as a 'thank you' for all that I've done (and do) to keep the group ticking over. She'd bought some chocolates that she'd meant to give me at the 1st anniversary celebration at the beginning of the month, but she'd forgotten to take them to the venue. She'd returned home to discover that her husband had opened them thinking they were for the family.

Undaunted, she'd set to and, remembering I was still a little above my target weight in the first week of March, she baked a low-fat chocolate cake for me. It was ginormous and, fearing not only for my own weight but that of my hubby and visiting sister-in-law, I shared most of it with the knitting group as we drank our coffee (fresh filter coffee provided by another member) or tea. There were just  3 small slices left to take home. Hubby and Sis-in-Law rated it 'delicious'.

Knitting together is not just about knitting.

Reading: The Peverill Papers - Flora Thompson