Friday, 12 March 2010

Just as I was about to serve dinner last night, my next door neighbour arrived with a present - a mini Bauli Meringata.

She'd brought us a larger version of this wonderful lemon (think lemon curd-soaked sponge cake covered in a thick shell of white chocolate and decorated with 4 mini meringues that explode as you bite into them.) cake, back from a trip to Italy last March. I liked it so much that I asked if she could get one for my 60th birthday in October. Unfortunately, they are made for Easter so I was unable to have one as a birthday cake.

My neighbour had been in an Italian bakery in Bedford during the week and saw the mini ones for sale, so she bought one as a belated birthday present.

My Sis-in-Law was very pleased that she'd flown over today as she was able to savour the delights of a genuine Italian cake with a glass of pink champagne after dinner.