Wednesday, 31 March 2010

and the technology gets better and better

Ravelry is my favourite knitting website. Previously, only members could view my details. It's out of beta now and The PtB have just enabled sharing of projects to invited guests. Go have a look at my Sailor Blue Tabbard project page to get an idea of the kind of info that is stored on Ravelry.

First I added the pattern details to the database as it wasn't already there (for other projects, I searched the pattern datebase and used the 'cast on' button to open a project page). The Tabbard is from Let's Knit Magazine, April edition, which now has its own listing in the database.

Then I added the details about the yarn and needles used and updated my progress in the notes section as I went along.

Finally, I uploaded photos of the finished project directly from my laptop.

There are sections to keep track of the percentage of project completed as you go along and then upgrade it from 'in progress' to 'finished'.

Projects can then be 'posted' to forums within Ravelry. This one was shared with the Posh Knitters group because it used Posh Yarn.