Saturday, 6 February 2010

Postie delivered a 'letter' this morning, addressed to me in childish crayony writing. Inside was a 'thank you', from my Great Neice, for the hat and scarf I knitted for her birthday.

It was so lovely to receive the note (she drew the hat and scarf and a very yellow me too). I don't remember ever receiving a thank you note where the envelope was also written by the child. Kudos to the Post Office for getting it to me, although I can't help but wonder how long it has taken - it was the child's birthday last November.

GtNeice asked me to google her favourite site 'Mathletics', so I did. Ye gads, it's taken over 30 years for schools to catch on to the fact that children enjoy competition and love using technology. I used to despair of the PtB ever making good use of computers to aid learning, especially where repetition and reinforcement were essential to progress.