Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Two rooms de-cluttered, tidied, and cleaned yesterday; vacuumed curtains and floors, polished surfaces, changed bed linen, cleared cupboards and closet of things not worn/used for years. I was totally cream crackered at the end of it. Singing provided a boost at the end of the day; it was extremely challenging for the newbies (Billy Joel's River of Dreams was the 3rd new song of the evening) and very rewarding.

My patchwork design is finished and marked out on graph paper. Just need to cut some of the pieces to size. The book I bought from Amazon is very helpful with all the basics of sewing and using my machine. I'm now over my initial panic at the thought of making curtains for the boat and am first going to have a go at making cushion covers for all the scatter cushions.

I'm taking my knitting to sewing class today, for those times when m'tutor is busy helping other people. I may get something rather special finished.

Now enjoying a pot of tea made with All About Tea's Ceylon teabags - mmmmmm.